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Portland Real Estate
Portland Real Estate

Mike Hall

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Mobile: 503-341-5915
Email: mikehall@hasson.com



How We Work:

When serving clients, I am “all-in”.  I also require my teammates and vendors be all-in for you.  My simple goal is to have your total trust to get the job done in the best way possible…as you would do for yourself if you could.  It’s how we can earn your most enthusiastic referrals. 

Each client also has their unique story, situation, goals, wants & needs.  So I promise my approach will be carefully tailored to fit your needs best. My value to you lies in my years of experience, knowledge of homes, willingness to put in the thought & hard work, and ability to come up with solutions when problems arise.  And they will.  Being tenacious in serving you means A) the deal gets done, and B) we end up friends. 

It’s about helping you create your success…and enjoying our journey getting there!


My Background:

For me, the best things in life are quiet times shared with family, and friends both old and new. A good dog. A good friend. A great meal. A small celebration. A fly rod on a trout stream, fresh air on a back-country trail. My wife Suzanne and I forged our way to the Northwest in 1993 pre-kids and raised two here. It’s natural to me that I might have a spirit of adventure and a fondness for the outdoors…I share some DNA with Daniel Boone. No kidding.  

Suzanne and I owned Sterling Mortgage from 1994 to 2008, and during my lending years, I can proudly say that when the mortgage world imploded from a variety of ills, we helped thousands of folks buy their dream homes the right way. Working through thousands of home purchases, I’ve covered ground that most Realtors never see.

With my Dad as the first of five Realtors in our family, I’ve steeped in the lingo and lifestyle of real estate for as long as I can remember. In true Portland fashion, I like to say I "up-cycled" my talents, moving from the finance (mortgage banker) side to the brokerage (Realtor) side. Kind of like changing lanes at 70 miles an hour, Now I get to do what's felt "right" to me for many years...really advocating for my clients during the most important and complex transaction they're ever likely to undertake.