Mike Hall, Principal Broker


Mike is the face and heart of our team. Years of experience and insight into not only homes, but people, appraisals, and finances mean exceptional service as your trusted adviser. Mike’s style: creative and user-friendly, as well as insightful and persistent.

Jenna Hall, Broker


Joining Mike in 2016, Jenna is a quick study, learning one thing and connecting dots to three more. With natural talent for customer service and attention to detail, she manages timelines and key milestones on the way to closing.



Ashley Hawley & Caitlin Hoddevik, Transaction Management and Agent Services


Ashley and Caitlin have combined experience of nearly 7 years and are both fully devoted to assisting agents at the Lake Oswego office with a wide variety of tasks from transaction coordination to drafting marketing materials to managing our website content. This level of support allows us as agent to focus our energy and time on critical tasks to help our clients.



Lynae Forbes, President & Managing Principal Broker


Lynae has been with the company since 1992. As company President, she oversees all Hasson brokers, keeping us educated and held to the highest of standards.

Ginger Burke, Lake Oswego Managing Principal Broker


Ginger spent six years as a criminal prosecutor before developing a business in real estate. Her background in both disciplines gives her an invaluable perspective and provides thoughtful mentorship whenever needed.

Courtney Itami, Director of Marketing


Courtney was awarded the Colliers International US Marketer of the Year award in 2012. She consults with us offering perspective and advice so our marketing plans and materials are always creative and fresh.

Melissa Peterson, Director of Agent Services & Technology


Melissa's goal since 2012 is to deliver unparalleled back-office support to Hasson brokers so thy provide their clients with a great experience and a smooth and efficient real estate transaction.



Patrice Kuhilis, Director of Relocation & Corporate Services


With over 25 years of dedication and 29 awards for outstanding service. Patrice has been awarded multiple regional and national awards for her devotion to broadening the scope and capabilities and service offerings of Relocation with the Hasson Company and the corporate community.

Kathryne Psihogios, Senior Relocation Specialist


Kathryne Psihogios, Senior Relocation Specialist, has 12 years of experience in the relocation industry. She focuses on operations, consulting with relocating employees, including matching them with an agent and works closely with Patrice on business development.

Alyssa Richmond, Relocation Consultant


Alyssa has been a Relocation Consultatnt for four years. She works with incoming and outgoing referrals, matching clients with agents, managing files and ensuring client satisfaction.

Debbie Farah, Administrative Support


With 10 years of experience, Debbie provides administrative support; managing accounts, tracking progress and updating all parties.