Tom & Margie 

"Mike- your professionalism and positive can-do attitude are an inspiration. You made this a very smooth transaction- we cannot thank you enough. You are by far the best real estate agent we've ever worked with - Thank you."


Deb & John 

"Mike and team are an exceptional professional group. The expertise and attention to critical detail creates trust for a successful and pleasant purchase process. My husband and I would use their services again. We recommend them to our family, friends and business acquaintances."


Allan & Johanna

"Mike and Jenna were a great team giving us total confidence in the home buying process. We chose to work with them based on their willingness to work with us from afar and for their knowledge and honesty. We are really grateful for the amount of time and effort they put into finding the right home for us. We only wish they were licensed in Florida to sell our current home!"



"Mike & Jenna made a difficult purchase as painless as possible. It was all worth it in the end as I now have a wonderful home! They offered a great professional service with lots of patience and kindness. Thank you."


Michael & Emma

"As a part of Nike's relocation program, I was given the opportunity to be paired up with a great local realtor. After describing the type of person I was hoping to work with and the types of properties I was interested in buying, I was matched with Mike and this dude was everything we had hoped for and more. Mike was really patient with us. We knew what we wanted, and couldn't really find it, so he was really accommodating and help us think about other things we might want to explore, too. And he showed us well over a dozen homes, most of which were really cool and were home we considered, But we wanted to hold out until the right one came along. After a couple of months, Mike showed us a house and we knew it was the one. A beautiful custom-built home up in Forest Park on Skyline Boulevard that came with wooded acreage and even a guest house.  From there, we were full speed ahead. On the day of closing, there were some complications with the mortgage broker . All along, Mike had been tremendous in his due diligence, and he told us early on that this "deal may have some hair on it" (Mike and his wife are very very familiar with the ins and outs of the mortgage industry).  While the mortgage broker had assured us all along that there would be no issue, turns out that Mike was right. We dumped that lender, and he immediately helped us find a new lender who could help us close. Nobody likes to have to go through the mortgage process again, but the lender that Mike found for us was also a great local businessman, and this time we closed in two weeks without a hitch. We wouldn't be in our new house if it wasn't for Mike. The patience, knowledge, and authenticity were a game changer for us, and as long as we're in the Portland area, we won't work with anybody else."


Greg & Sarieah

"Trusted advisor. The best way I know of conveying Mike's help through this process. He has been in the industry for over 20 years, his mortgage background is a huge bonus in the home buying process. Mikes insights and guidance really helped our family in finding a great home. We are so grateful for his support and recommend him full-heartedly, if you are in need of a trusted advisor in one of life's biggest transactions, Mike (and his team) is your guy!"



"Mike and the Team are great to work with. They are patient, professional, and knowledgeable and helped me find my perfect house, at a great price, in the best location. I was very picky, but they worked through all of the details to reach perfection. When it came time to purchase, they helped every step of the way too. Thanks!"



"Mike has helped my family through multiple real estate deals (both buying & selling) and has done the things I value most throughout the process: communicate constantly, sweat the details, and be a strong advocate for us."


Marvelee & Marvin

"2017 is bright! We're fortunate to be homeowners again, and can't thank Mike Hall enough for helping us achieve that goal! Appreciated his attention to detail, open communication, patience and most of all his expertise throughout the entire home search. He made it easy! Thank you so much Mike; this holiday season was special for our family - blessed! Highly recommend Mike and his team, the best!"


Xan & Fredrik

"We are finally signing papers for our new house today, and I am thrilled to take this opportunity to tell you about the exceptional work Mike Hall has done for us. Seven months ago we found a house on two acres on Cooper Mountain in Beaverton. That was the easy part and I say with certainty that we would never have gotten to contract, let alone to closing without Mike. It was a smelly, dirty, neglected house on a beautiful piece of property. I was certain it was too overwhelming to consider on our budget. Mike not only saw the potential in this house, but he had a plan for how we could pursue it and he helped every step of the way. I am convinced that his efforts from the start, including presenting our offer to the listing agent face-to-face (uncommon in the email age) are what beat out other competing offers on the property. He immediately listed and sold our condo at full asking price so our offer on the new house was not contingent on that sale. We took full advantage of Mike’s knowledge and his referrals to experts as we needed them. He was just as interested in details of the house and property as we were, and perhaps more so because we didn’t know enough to ask the right questions, but Mike always did. When a survey discovered the house was encroaching on the lot line, Mike worked through months of negotiations with the seller, neighbors and the County, and made more referrals to experts who helped us immensely. Mike fiercely protected our interests at every turn, with important addenda to the sales contract. Through problems that would have caused most people (buyers as well as agents!) to walk away, we kept going because Mike was leading us through it. I also credit Mike for keeping the seller in the deal when they had other (easier) cash buyers waiting. From the initial offer presentation, he cultivated relationships to keep the seller’s focus on mutual benefits and the big picture. Mike never made us feel like he was too busy to problem-solve or think creatively or pick up the phone and try a new approach. When negotiations over the lot line adjustment fell through, Mike presented a new idea: “If we can’t move the property line, what about moving the house?” After first thinking he was a little crazy, we got a new bid that would include moving the house, and found a new lender who could handle the move. Mike negotiated a significant price reduction, low enough that we were able to afford the house-move and the needed improvements and still stay within our total budget. Our friends and family think we’re crazy, but Mike doesn’t. As we look forward to the move and renovation phase after closing, we see a house that will beautifully meet all our needs and wants. We hope it is clear that Mike’s hard work, creativity, attention to detail, patience, and persistence is the thread that has held it all together from the very start. We have been and will continue to highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to buy or sell."


Tom & Margie 

"Our experience with Mike Hall has been incredible.  To say that Mike is customer focused in an understatement!  From the time we meet him he’s made himself available to answer all our questions.  At the start of our relocation experience, Mike made time to talk with us and understand our relocation concerns.  He provided literally a ton of reading material and daily online real estate updates.  All this information was incredibly useful in helping us select our new home. I called Mike on Father’s day, he was out of town, but made himself available late in the day to view our new home.  After viewing we stopped by his office and made an offer on the home that same day!  Since that time he’s coordinated all necessary home repairs and most importantly kept me updated with status frequently. Through-out this entire process his professionalism has been unparalleled.  He is truly a pleasure to work with and I consider myself fortunate that he represented us as our real-estate agent.  I don’t know if [Hasson] recognizes superior performance, but Mike most certainly demonstrates positive customer qualities and [Hasson] should be proud that he represents you so well."


Pete & Jody

"My husband and I highly recommend Mike Hall to anyone looking for a realtor. From the get-go his knowledge of the business was very impressive to us. With Mike you get a professional who not only specializes in real estate, but also in financing. He approached the sell of our house with tons of thoughtful research, and he took the time to explain every detail with us - from pricing our house to marketing - Mike kept us informed so that we could make the best decisions. If you are looking for a realtor who is an expert in the field, a great communicator, available when you need him, and an overall super nice person who earns your trust right off the bat...Mike is your guy!"


Brian & Aubree

"We were first time home buyers and given Mike’s name as a possible real estate agent. After meeting with Mike our decision to work with him was an extremely easy one. We talked to a few agents and Mike made us feel like he was someone we could trust while helping educate us on the home buying process. After deciding on Mike as our agent, we visited multiple houses, and decided to put an offer down on a home that night. Unfortunately, the owner had accepted an offer moments before ours was received. We were a little heartbroken, but Mike kept our heads up and started strategizing the next step. We found another great house, but of course this too turned into a competitive situation. The great part was that Mike had already prepared a contract for the new home before we had taken a tour, because he already knew it was perfect. He helped us through the competitive situation, brainstorming clever tactics to get the seller nodding in our favor. With Mike’s creativity and using my career as a leverage point to close the house…even with a lower offer, the owner chose us! Throughout the home buying process he was as much a friend as an agent as he cared for our needs at every stage. I could not image choosing another agent going through the process over again!"


Joanne & Russell

"Mike spent several appointments speaking with us and we were very satisfied that we understood the entire process. He devoted as much time as needed to carefully and patiently explain each step in language we could understand. Everything that Mike explained would happen, did happen just as he said it would, despite our skepticism. He really knows professionalism inside and out!"


Mark & Heidi

"I didn't know how he got it all done until I received a phone call at home one night from Mike with a question and realized he was at the office and it was 9:30 at night! Mike made our trip to Italy worry free, and it was a breeze to come back to town to sign the papers and have the deal closed. If only more things in life went that smoothly. Thank you!"