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Pursuing a mortgage with me as your Realtor, you have an incredible resource for getting a fair deal, and getting to closing in great shape. My background owning a mortgage company for 14 years, and being “one of the good guys” means that I served thousands of home buyers and became expert in analyzing mortgage scenarios (not to mention appraisals, title issues, contracts, and more!!!)


I recommend a few VERY trustworthy local lenders with competitive terms and a variety of loan types. I also know what lenders are best at (or not), and will help you get the right match.

If you’re looking for the “best rate” or “best offer” from lenders all over the planet, be careful. You can be promised the moon, and you may get it. Or you may lose a house in the process. Even for the most-well-qualified buyer, things can go sideways. Even a slight delay can mean losing your earnest money deposit, and maybe even the home of your dreams. Plus, in a competitive market, bringing the wrong preapproval may cause a seller to turn you down in the first place.

Talk with me early in your process!


If you’re not paying cash, then you MUST have a written lender preapproval as part of making your best offer. Preapprovals can be weak or strong, either full of questions or rock-solid. Talk with me about yours and I’ll help you fortify it. That way, a seller will see it as one more good reason to accept your offer on their property.


Here’s a convenient payment calculator if you need it. Remember that quick answers are great but the old “garbage-in, garbage-out” issue is real.  With money questions, you have to be 100% positive you are A) asking the right question, and B) have all the right info going in. If you miss something going in, the calculator is worthless. There’s satisfaction in having “the answer” …but I’ve seen this break down more times than I can count. Solution:  let a trusted pro (your lender) do the calculations for you with lots of Q&A in doing so. I too, always welcome a call to review what you’re seeing. That’s what I’m here for!


You may choose any source you like for mortgage financing. For a handful of reasons, I recommend sticking with local sources ONLY. The more competitive your offer situation, the more important to go with a small, proven local source. Here are my best: