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Keeping Portland Weird

The City of Roses has acquired a reputation for the weird and it’s definitely well-earned. While some attractions are beyond sharing on this page, there are plenty of (just slightly) less weird curiosities. We have underground Shanghai tunnels from early Portland days.  We have scooter gangs, the iconic Unipiper, hide-and-seek clubs, and so much more. You’ll have every opportunity to get out of your shell and embrace the weird at whatever level you like! 



Well known for its amazing food scene, Portland and Oregon boast world-class restaurants, farmer’s markets, coffee roasters, and amazing wineries.  From seafood, and wild mushrooms to pinot noir and bourbon, to artisan chocolates and coffee…you can explore endlessly.

A short drive from both the blue Pacific Ocean and Cascade peaks, the outdoors is baked into our Northwest code.  In every season and all weather, we get out there.  Our lush moss and fern forests and our high-dry desert mean vast opportunity to enjoy whether camping, day-hikes, water-sports or winter play.  

Our pioneer heritage runs deep.  Nearby Oregon City was the first city incorporated west of the Mississippi, so you know when we refer to the Portland Trailblazers, our Pioneer Courthouse, or pioneer-anything… it’s legit!

Quality museums and parks dot Portland and the surrounding cities including Washington Park, the Japanese Gardens, and the Oregon Zoo.


Geography & Climate

While Portland gets an annual average* of 44 inches of rain, and is regarded as rainy…we have many “rain days” that are both rainy and sunny, and quite nice.  Places like Redmond or Bend get closer to 10 inches each year and are well known for their dry and sunny climes. From our sweeping coastline, to the Cascade mountains, and wide-open prairies, Oregon has something for everyone. The Urban Growth Boundary protects Oregon’s natural beauty and is hotly debated each year.



Oregon also offers a wide array of industries. The Portland metro area is also known as the Silicon Forest—hosting companies like Intel, Xerox, Lam Research, and many smaller tech startups. The garment industry is huge with Nike, Adidas, Under Armor & Columbia as the main powerhouses and smaller, independent designers emerging. Entertainment is also strong in Portland. Home and subject of Portlandia, plus a number of shows & movies have been shot in the Portland area. Grimm, Leverage, The Flash, Into the Wild, and The Shining are just a few.



Neighborhoods here often have their own unique personality and character, but what you’ll find in common is a sense of community and pride.   Having a specific one in mind can really help with your home search. After consulting, we offer neighborhood orientation tours for incoming clients who want to explore and get familiar. Talk to me about places you’d like to see!